Bat-Pac Battery Eliminator
Since 1991

The Bat-Pac weights < 2.5 ounces (Aluminum case epoxy filled)

The Bat-Pac will supply the proper voltage to the electronic and electrical components that depend on the battery's ability to hold a charge in order to function properly. The Headlight is bright at idle, as with a good battery for most models. 
The Bat-Pac provides a more stable voltage than a battery at all R.P.M.'s.

Type 1 (two push on bullet connectors) RZ's type
Type 2 (one push on bullet connector +, and one screw lug -) YSR's type
Type 3 (two screw lugs) Most models type

Locate the battery connectors. (one red +, one black -). 
Disconnect the two connectors and connect the Bat-Pac in place of the battery terminals or leads.
Heat shrink is provided for insulating the lug type connectors

The Bat-Pac it designed to mount on the tubular frame with the screw clamp provided.
The hardest part of the installation is removing the old battery.
Because the lights only work when the motor is running, it is not DOT approved.

The Bat-Pac works on all PMA, and magneto type systems.
The Bat-Pac is compatible with 6 and 12 volt systems, positive or negative ground.
The Bat-Pac can be used along with a battery for improved voltage output of the charging system .

In general, if it has a permanent magnet flywheel, chances are the Bat-Pac will work.
Older bikes that have a point type magneto can also use the Bat-Pac.
The Bat-Pac won't work on brush type alternators that power the ignition, or fuel injection models.

Please realize, there is no available power until the motor is running.
If the motorcycle has an electric starter, you will lose this function.
If you decide to buy a Bat-Pac and it does not work for your application,
or you are unhappy for any reason, "No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee."

Thanks for your interest, Derek Nichols
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