The Bat-Pac Battery Eliminator
Eliminate the need for a battery for many
Motorcycle ATV Scooter Snowmobile
If your application has an electric starter, you will lose that function


Brad asks,
Here is the answer to your question.
Q..Other than losing the ability to run the lights when the engine is off, is there any other functionality I lose?
A. Running the lights with the engine off is the only function you lose, unless you have an electric start, that function is lost and it sure beats replacing the battery every year.

Bradley asks,
Q..Is this item new or used?
Q..Do you have more than just this one?
A..the Bat-Pac is new,
The price for the Bat-Pac is $49.95
Packaging, Handling, & Shipping is $5.00


Q..Do the turn signals work at idle with this - say if I am sitting at a light waiting to turn??
A..Yes, the power output is more stable at idle then with a good battery.


I have a RZ;

Q..Is there any real advantage to these things other than losing a little weight?
A..You get more stable voltage at all rpm's than with a good battery; you don't have to maintain and replace the battery when they go bad, and your losing a lot of weight. (Battery is 4lbs.- Bat-Pac is 2.5oz)
Q..Will it be a problem that the power valves won't cycle before start up?
A..No, The cleaning cycle will complete as soon as the motor starts.
But you will need a 12volt battery to adjust the PowerValves (this cycle is also used for that purpose)
Q..also is there any similar cheaper products?
A..I've tried to keep the price as low as possible, ($49.95 + $5.00 shipping) but I will be offering them on Ebay from time to time.


Q.. Before I run out and buy one, will it run all my lights (including an extra Halogen headlight and marker lights) without putting extra stress on stator and charging system?
A.. The Bat-Pac Does not put any load on the system, your "extra Halogen headlight" may even with the battery, be careful.
Remember this.."The battery does not make power, that is done by the charging system."
Q..I have heard running a RZ without a battery is hard on the electrics and I don't want to learn a $300 dollar lesson.
A.. You are correct. That is because the voltage is too low, or high, and the power is dirty , this is hard on most electronics. The Bat-Pac corrects this, which is what it was made to do..
The end result is cleaner and more stable voltage at all rpm, than if using a good battery.
Q..Is this just strictly a total loss racing thing or is it for street use as well?
A.. This is not considered a total loss system. total loss includes a battery that is charged before operation, and drained while running, and never charged from the motorcycle's charging system, thus putting no load on the motor.
A..This will work for street use as well.

Ry asks,
Q..I want one but a question first, How does it stand up to daily driving and hot and cold temps?? I'm in Canada so the temp here ranges from 14-100F.
A..This can withstand extreme temperatures with no problems.
Q..Btw- Is the shipping different to Canada??
A..Shipping is the same to Canada and most other places in the world, but please pay with US Dollars. :)

BrianV asks,
Q..PLEASE explain to me how this device will supply the needed 12v to excite the alternator in order to create the magnetic field required to make electricity?
A..The magnetic field is already there, it is in the form of a permanent magnet in the flywheel.

Stacy asks,
Q.. I am currently running a Toomey Battery Box - if I used one of these battery eliminators, there is no need for a battery box any longer. How do you suggest that I support the rear master cylinder? - yes it still has one bolt to the frame but it is also supported by the Battery box.
A..You don't have to remove the battery box for the installation.
The battery box may even be a good place for storage. (spark plugs, pre-mix, ect.)
Removing the battery box is an option and is up to you.


Please realize, there is no available power until the motor is running.
If the motorcycle has an electric starter, you will lose this function.
If you decide to buy a BatPac and it does not work for your application,
or you are unhappy for any reason, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

Thanks for your interest, Derek Nichols


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